Part 1 Episode Notes

Roz is an activist based in SoCal whose organizing work is primarily focused on sexual violence (she serves on the board of the Me Too Foundation) and menstrual freedom (which is a new term for me!).

She has come a long way from the adolescent struggling to find her voice and know her worth. I mean, just look at the thumbnail photo for this episode. Does it look like she's the one to be f*cked with? I think not!

P.S. how she briefly touches on the need for abolishing the police and prison abolition (more on that in part 2) is especially timely in the wake of the renewed discourse this week.

Part 2 Episode Notes

In Part 2 we explore the very rough time Roz endured at the end of college, and how she was able to emerge from it to become A FORCE as an activist and organizer.

Very illuminating discussion on prisons and the role they play in perpetuating sexual violence & violating bodily autonomy in our society. As well as how our current conception of justice falls short because it doesn't center survivors and their healing.

If you'd like to get connected to Roz, you can find her on Instagram @__RosalindJones__, you can find Operation Period on Instagram & Twitter @OperationPeriod.

Part 1 Transcript


Part 2 Transcript


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