Part 1 Episode Notes

🚨If you have student loan debt, you're gonna want to listen to this episode, particularly Part 2! I repeat: if you have student loan debt you are going to want to listen to this episode!🚨

Melissa is one of the most outspoken advocates and organizers for getting student loan debt cancelled. There is, arguably, no one better for the job!

It struck me after our interview, when editing her episode's release, that one of the through lines of her life is identifying and fighting the injustices that poor kids are subject to in the course of getting an education. We learn in part 1, that she was that poor kid in Vineland, who had to fight for the educational rigor she deserved.

You can find Melissa on Twitter at @MCByrne

Part 2 Episode Notes

Part 1 Transcript


Part 2 Transcript

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