Part 1 Episode Notes

I want you to look at the thumbnail picture for this episode and give me a break for assuming Marco was Black when we first met lolol

Anywho - Marco is a native son of SoCal, San Ysidro to be exact. You don't hear too many stories like his, unless What's Left To Do? is your favorite podcast 😉

(See what I did there?)

Part 2 Episode Notes

Back with Soul Brotha's ✊🏾 Part 2.

Still kinda timely that this is dropping the same week as Kamala Harris's shameful trip to Guatemala. Marco has the good fortune of being in San Diego where there are some brave politicos who are trying to do the right thing, hard as it may be, by opening the doors of their community to some of the unaccompanied minors stuck in those hellish ICE facilities, so they can be properly cared for and ultimately reunited with family.

Part 1 Transcript


Part 2 Transcript


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