Part 1 Episode Notes

I could have easily spoken with her for another 3 hours. Malaika is brilliant and precise, in a way that helps me level up my own analysis on a number issues. I'm so glad I met her all those years ago in Atlanta, as a young 20-something navigating the uncharted waters of the post-Great Recession era. Little did I know, we would reconnect about a decade later when 🎶I looked over to the left🎶 👈🏾(kudos if you know that song reference)

Hers is a fascinating story of how her life began steeped in Black Nationalism through the prism of Black Liberation Theology growing up attending The Shrine of The Black Madonna in Atlanta, which informed her future pursuits. Everything from her epiphanies on anti-capitalism in college, through her post-grad education, political writing, and work with Operation P.O.W.E.R

You can find her on Twitter at @malaikajabali and her website

Part 2 Episode Notes

Part 1 Transcript


Part 2 Transcript

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