Part 1 Episode Notes

A one time Time Magazine covergirl, and all around taker of no prisoners, Lydia politely ignores my request for a detailed chronology of her life in exchange for a dynamic narrative on how her past and lineage influenced her arrival at being a water defender from SoCal to Standing Rock.

The orgs Lydia mentioned which are fighting Newsom's disastrous desalination plant plans are:
-SoCal 350
-Sierra Club
-Sunrise Water Watch
-Extinction Rebellion

Part 2 Episode Notes

Part 2 with Lydia on how her getting involved with Standing Rock was a result of how helpless she felt as a child watching everything that was happening at Wounded Knee.

And Lydia got some smoke for the GND (see what I did there?)

Part 1 Transcript


Part 2 Transcript


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