Part 1 Episode Notes

The title of this guest's episode comes from a Diana Ross song:

Do note that, because I don't have good sense, I really wanted to title this episode thusly:

But poor Laksh doesn't deserve that, especially not after how I opened his interview 🤣🤣🤣

Laksh is the Chair of the SF Berniecrats Housing Committee and helps us make sense of the history of housing in the nation, as well as the state of California. And just as importantly, he keeps us apprised of the ever evolving state of play on our housing efforts.

Part 2 Episode Notes

Get ready for class, kiddos! Laksh walks us through a lot of history, and how things have evolved/devolved in the realm of housing.

He also brings us into the current moment, regarding some fairly recent legislatively history in the state of California as well as the city of San Francisco.

If you're interested in plugging in to the fight in SF, the website he mentions is:

Also, please sign the petition he mentioned SO LONDON BREED CAN STOP PLAYING GAMES AND DO HER DAMN JOB 😡…fordable-housing

Part 1 Transcript


Part 2 Transcript


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