Part 1 Episode Notes

Back to our regularly scheduled program!

On this grand and glorious day, exactly one year ago (😩), one Bernard Sanders won the great state of California on Super Tuesday. That win, was in no small part thanks to this little lady and her Bay Area team. And in commemoration, Claire's interview is on the docket this week.

So, exactly how does an activist and organizer extraordinaire come to form? Press play and find out! (Also, it doesn't hurt to have a parent who studied the French Revolution for their phD haha)

Part 2 Episode Notes

Now that I think about it, there probably was no better preparation for Claire's entrée into leftist politics (especially in SF) than going to hippy dippy Hampshire College haha

I'm still kind of fascinated that something as simple as a dance party is what got her started. Maybe I should've titled this, "She Partied Into Politics."

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Part 2 Transcript


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