Part 1 Episode Notes

Brett Wilkins. Esteemed writer at & Collective 20, and author. Brett Wilkins is also a fellow SF Berniecrats e-board member that I be cuttin up with during meetings lol. Brett has come a loooooong way, from being an ardent conservative. It took lots of international travel, reading the right books, and a George W Bush presidency to get him Up From Mental Slavery 😅

Part 2 Episode Notes

I was pleasantly surprised at how much we disagree about various historical and political figures, but that's besides the point. He finally arrived at being radical, and hasn't looked back since! He is one of the lucky few that are able to be uncompromising in how his politics informs his work.

You can find him on twitter at @BrettWilkinsSF and his writing at, as well as an archive of his work at

Part 1 Transcript


Part 2 Transcript


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