Part 1 Episode Notes

Note: Part 1 will make way more sense after listening to the Bonus episode.

Our dear Alex's early life was marked by being kinda different from other people he grew up with in Colorado Springs, as the child of non-Evangelicals, along with being biracial. Though growing up in Colorado still managed to make him be All-American dude (sports, patriotism, etc).

His adolescent years were especially difficult due to a number of factors, and it is nothing short of a miracle that he made it out onto the other side ❤️

Part 2 Episode Notes

This is a bit of a wild ride, for my man has LIVED.

Also, my bad for messing up either the recording or file saving (not sure where I dropped the ball). The last (and now, lost) part of our interview was really intense with emotion🥺

Bonus Episode

Part 1 Transcript


Part 2 Transcript


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